Established be Emmanuel KEDI BEH after a decade of legal practice as an Intellectual Property Attorney accredited by the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), through creativity and hard work, the firm has now established a reputation in domains such as legal studies and have work for the government of Cameroon in projects and studies such as : the national policy document on intellectual property rights, studies on the mandatory registration of trade names in Cameroon, the fight against counterfeiting in Cameroon, the valorization of cassava groups by intellectual property assets in Cameroon etc.

Our members have equally worked for diverse International Non-Governmental organizations such as the African Model Forest Network as consultant on issues pertaining to the valorization of genetic resources, traditional knowledge, folklore and legal issues relating to innovative farming methods and fertilizers.

The firm also has a long standing experience in intellectual property protection, counselling and portfolio management with its members representing international companies such as : La Group Limited, Puma Energy International S.A., Shenzhen IP-Com Networks Co. Ltd, Guangzhou Suntotal, Dafra  Pharma International NV, Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd, MAES Pharmaceutiques S.A., Société Arabe des Industries Pharmaceutiques, BIOPLUS Life Sciences Private Limited, Leo Pharma A/S, Gaulme, Laboratoires Lehning, Rocket Electric Co. Ltd, IMEX HEALTH etc.

At the national level, the firm represents clients such as AZUR S.A., SOCIA Sarl, SDMC Sarl, Elissam Motors, CAMTUR Sarl, Quotidien l’Epervier, Snob’s Bazar Center, Excellence Plus, Chrono Service International, 1task 1job, Giftedmom, EASY Cameroon S.A., Premice Computer, Compagnie Minière du Cameroun (CMC) etc. 

Base in Yaoundé the political capital of Cameroon and headquarter of many international organizations, apart from the legal fields the firm also work in areas such as due diligence, immigration and EMI, investigations and tracing, counterfeiting and smuggling, debt recovery, standard compliance verification, training and capacity building in legal domain.

The most valuable asset of the firm is its bilingual nature, incorporating both Francophone and Anglophone legal and economic experts. 

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